We Respect Everyone

Join our organization where people from all backgrounds find a place where they are included and feel like they belong.

Together, We Will Serve Our Community With Respect and Compassion

The more we understand and appreciate our diverse patient population, the better we are able to serve them. That’s why we’re continually improving and building our inclusive, respectful company culture. Our culture of inclusion and belonging supports our mission in the following ways:


Health Equity

Everyone should have the opportunity to be as healthy as possible. We’re committed to providing care to all who walk through our doors — and are working to improve access to care for those from underserved communities. We’re also proud to promote LGBTQ health equity and access through our partnerships with LGBTQ organizations, agencies and allies.


Best Talent

We know we can best serve our diverse patient community with teams that reflect that same diversity. We encourage top talent from all backgrounds to apply and find a home with us.


Best Medical Outcomes

We’re committed to serving all with the highest levels of respect and care. Understanding the diverse needs of our patients helps us reach the best medical outcomes possible.



Diverse teams are better positioned to be high-performing teams. We embrace the individual experiences, ideas and perspectives of all our employees to create an environment of innovation and problem-solving that helps meet our mission and vision.



An inclusive culture allows us to enhance our financial stability. We obtain and manage high-quality, cost-effective supplies and serve a wide audience spanning all our neighborhoods to better position ourselves to continue making a difference in our communities.


Employee Resource Groups

It takes commitment at all levels to develop a culture of inclusion and belonging. We’re proud to have seven employee resource groups (ERGs) to support our patients, staff and community members and bring important voices to the table as we plan for the future.



ABLED celebrates our employees whose lives have been impacted by disability and empowers them to embrace meaningful careers.



HOLA promotes the heritage of our Hispanic/Latinx employees and celebrates their contributions to our culture.



MERGe supports the five generations working side by side at Norton Healthcare, learning, growing and partnering with one another to ensure an effective, high-performing workforce.



NPower advocates for supporting and promoting the advancement for all women at Norton Healthcare so we can better serve our employees, patients and community partners.



NPride raises our profile as an inclusive, LGBTQ-friendly health care provider and employer through community partnerships, outreach and education.



Synergy focuses on creating opportunities for engagement with underserved communities and professional growth for all employees.



VETS honors and engages our military veterans and their families through outreach and engagement.


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